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SAP Cloud Platform to be precise, but plenty of scope for other clouds.


Setting up this page to test a CICD pipleline using gitlab and Amazon S3 / Cloudfront

A simple git push and it will automatically get deployed to S3 and CloudFront

Cloud Native

When your web site is not hosted on any specific server but just somewhere in the cloud.

I like it when there is overlap between my work and pastimes.



DIY is such a broad topic - I will attempt almost any job but enjoy woodwork more than other areas.

Home automation / IOT

I started with a few Philips Hue lights and now any new addition to the house comes with the question 'Is there a connected version?'. Now the majority of lights are smart, there are other sensors and some blinds - more to come I'm sure.

more: Home automation.


But what style?!

This website

Pulling a long list of technologies together to create a simple website - but I might learn something along the way.

Using html boilerplate, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, GitLab, Adobe Illustrator and Amazon Web Services to create a cloud native website.


`Specialization is for insects.`
Robert Heinlein